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Solar is relatively easy and care-free to maintain, but it is important to maintain

Don't be fooled. It is advised that you 'maintain' your PV panels top exend their lifespan and efficiency. Ater installation, from 18 months on, it is good to have the panels cleaned every 8-10 months. One of the benefits of doing so is that the panels themselves get inspected and connections are tested too.

Solar panel maintenance by Solar Forces

The great thing about a solar based energy system is the very low maintenance required from date of install until the last erg of energy is produced. Along the way there will be product upgrades as new technology unfolds, however, in the main it’s an install and forget solution.

However, a bi–annual inspection or at a minimum an annual inspection is highly recommended. The environmental conditions, in which your system operates in, is extremely harsh. Heat, UV rays and various climatic conditions place a strain on all components and over time it takes it’s toll. In addition connections loosen over time and all in all there appear flash points that may pose a threat to the safety of the installation. It is therefore important the following tasks are done as part of the inspection. The goal is to make sure there are no potential points of danger that may arc and create a potential fire. Remember DC power is different to AC power. There are no tripping mechanisms to protect against a short.

  • Visual inspection of PV panel MC4 connectors to determine of any arcing be occurring
  • Crimping is still firm and no loose cable connections are identified
  • PV panels are not damaged or cracked. Cracked and damaged panels are still generating power and any moisture making its way onto the cells may cause a short
  • PV connectors are not lying loose on the roof surface where they may be susceptible to moisture
  • PV cables do not show any visible evidence of damage
  • Points of connection are tightly screwed
  • Battery connections are tight and no evidence of heat build-up at the connection points

Solar PV panel maintenance is one of the services provided by Solar Forces. Talk to us. Even if it is not our own install, we can certainly assist you in this area.


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