Solar Installations - PV Panels, Inverters & Batteries

Getting the installation done right is of paramount importance. What will it take and why is it that important?

Solar Installations by Solar Forces

Safety, correct connections, attention to detail, fire hazzard, quality workmanship, skimping = danger, testing, quality assurance, cables (right size and lengths etc), qualified electrician, inspections, peace of mind, insurance (protect your investment),

The most important key to installations is safety. It is often disregarded because of the plug and play nature of modern Solar PV systems. Anyone who is technically savvy could purchase and install a working system without considering any safety measures. It would work just fine but should anything go wrong that’s when the installation quality matters. DC problems can turn onto flames and burn the house down or injure someone.

It is thus critical to evaluate your supplier’s proposal and installations to make sure the following are in place.

  1. Fuse protection to prevent any surges from arcing and or damaging equipment
  2. PV panel isolation to disconnect PV strings from the Inverter
  3. Emergency DC disconnection to batteries
  4. Correct cable sizes to accommodate the expected amperage. Too small a cable size will overheat
  5. Earthing of all components including the PV panels to main supply of the dwelling. This will prevent injury or worse should any one component short circuit and energise a roof or metal object that is within reach of any animals or people.
  6. Separation of AC and DC cable routing to ensure they do not run together or make contact in any way. A DC fault may cause an ARC which will melt all cable insulation in its vicinity.
  7. Correct crimping of connectors with appropriate tools. Any poor crimping is a potential point of Arcing which can result in a fire.
  8. Test results to show that the above has been checked
  9. CoC (Certificate of Compliance) of changes to the DB Board by a qualified electrician

Consider seriously that maintenance gets performed on your solar system. You will be pleased that you did.


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