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Credentials come in two forms 1) the skills set obtained through recognised training and 2) the skill set obtained through multiple installations that result in hard won knowledge. We have both of them at Solar Forces.

John Abbott, the founder, dedicated himself to obtaining the industry recognised certification offered through SAPVIA the representative body for the Solar industry in South Africa. The PV Green Card obtained as a result of training and testing was the launch point for Solar Forces Solutions to have the authority to design and install solar PV based systems. This was an important step before embarking on the journey to install and support solar PV systems for home and business owners. The policies and guidelines for a successful installation had to be understood fully before any work could be undertaken.

Secondly, the Solar Forces Solutions team have successfully completed over 100 installations ranging from a simple backup system to sophisticated home energy system with remote monitoring. The real knowledge happens on site as each installation is unique to the next one and requires a keen eye to ensure all elements are safely and securely installed. Of paramount importance always is the safety of the work done and longevity of the installation to ensure reliable PV production for many years.

These two skill sets have become our trade mark in professional service.

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